4 Reasons Our Wheel Alignment Check Will Save You Money In The Long Run

Periodic upkeep is a significant part of keeping your vehicle in good shape.

Periodic upkeep is a significant part of keeping your vehicle in good shape. When you visit a car service centre which can provide the car care you need, you can expect a number of methods that’ll increase your vehicle’s mileage and make sure your car is working at top efficiency. A wheel alignment carried out by our fully equipped skilled car service centres in Carnegie and Keilor Park can save you cash in a number of ways.

The surface of a tyre deteriorates over time due to the friction that develops between a running tyre and the road. The magnitude of friction is even higher when the car accelerates and decelerates. If your car’s wheel alignment is out, your tyres will wear irregularly and your tyres will not reach their full life.

With rising fuel costs, car owners are increasingly considering ways to increase their car’s fuel efficiency. When our specialised car service centres in Carnegie and Keilor Park carry out a wheel alignment on your car, you can save considerable money on your monthly fuel expenses. Your car’s fuel efficiency will increase because when your tyre pressures and suspension geometry are set to the manufacturer’s specifications, the car uses less energy to create momentum. Therefore less fuel is required.

Suspension out of alignment can increases your chances of getting involved in an accident. Wheels out of alignment can cause a vehicle to pull to one side or react unpredictably on different road surfaces.   Bring your car to our service centre in Carnegie or Keilor Park to check your car’s tyre pressure and discuss whether you need an alignment. An accurate wheel alignment helps road safety.

Sound suspension not only ensures a smooth ride, but also effects the handling ability and braking distance of your car. By not routinely getting your car checked, you may not notice the gradual degradation of your suspension. Worn suspension also effects alignment geometry so it is important that you have your suspension checked whenever you bring your car in for tyres and alignment.


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