Everything That Is To Know About Roadworthy Certificates in Victoria

Any Licensed Vehicle Tester who is operating from a nominated facility: a Garage or a service station can issue the certificate.

Who needs a roadworthy certificate?

A roadworthy certificate is required for one of the following conditions:

  1. When a vehicle is sold
  2. When a vehicle is re-registered  
  3. As a part of mandatory periodic inspection
  4. To clear a Vehicle Defect Notice

Who can issue this certificate?

Any Licensed Vehicle Tester who is operating from a nominated facility: a Garage or a service station can issue the certificate.

What is the procedure?

Before certificate can be issued, the vehicle has to undergo an inspection to ensure the vehicle meets the standards set out in VSI 26 as set out by VicRoads. These standards are designed to ensure vehicles are free from wear and deterioration or alterations that would make it unsafe for normal use on the road.

VicRoads (Roads Corporation of Victoria) as per the Regulation 220 of the Road Safety Regulations 2009, issues written directions that every Licensed Vehicle Tester follows. The directives clearly indicate how the tester should carry out the inspection before issuing a Certificate of Roadworthiness. The tester must ensure that the vehicle is compliant with the requirements and standards as defined by VicRoads.

Anything that fails the inspection needs to be repaired before the Certificate is issued. You have 7 days once the inspection is carried out to have the vehicle repaired and then the certificate can be issued.

Why the certificate is required?

With time and use, the performance of a vehicle deteriorates. It may or may not be in the same condition as it used to be—the safety, emissions and serviceability of a vehicle changes with time. Without regular maintenance it may become a safety risk for the driver and other road users. Thus, roadworthiness testing is mandatory on used vehicles in Victoria.

What is the cost?

The cost of a Roadworthy inspection varies as per the age, type, and condition of the vehicle being examined. The cost of the inspection usually includes a Roadworthy Certificate if the vehicle passes the inspection. We recommend you seek a quote before authorising an examination.

How a Licensed Vehicle Tester is selected?

A Licensed Vehicle Tester is selected based on five criteria:

Is a certified vehicle complaint with Australian Design Rules (ADR)?

The roadworthy inspection is not a complete assessment of the vehicle. The inspection alone can’t detect a vehicle’s compliance with ADR. For that, you should arrange for a separate inspection.

Testing a vehicle’s compliance with ADR requires specialised knowledge and equipment. Currently, those are beyond the scope of roadworthy inspection regime.

How long are certificates valid?

A certificate of Roadworthiness is valid up to 30 days from the date of issue.


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