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3 Tips Use Your Car AC Effectively this Summer!

3 Tips Use Your Car AC Effectively this Summer!

3 Tips Use Your Car AC Effectively this Summer!

Australian summers are sort of unpredictable. It becomes too hot to handle! The angry summers of 2012 are still fresh in our memories.

Such hot weather tends to heat the interiors of your car at an alarming level.

And sometimes, it gets so hot that even your car air conditioning will not cool it down.

Here are some simple tips that will keep your car air conditioning system work properly and effectively during the harsh summer months:

1. Use the air conditioning regularly

Yes, this seems to be an obvious tip. But, it is crucial to know here that the air-vents and other mechanisms of air conditioning system remain in proper condition and intact only when it is regularly used,  irrespective of the weather. Ensure that you keep the AC running for around 15-20 minutes for at least once in a week.

2. Monitor refrigerant level

The cool air that your AC vent throws out is due to the refrigerant. And therefore, it is mandatory to monitor the levels of coolant in the AC system of your car to maintain the cool temperature in your car. If you ever feel that your AC is not working correctly, tell your car servicing agency to check the refrigerant level.

3. Don’t forget to get car AC serviced regularly

Your car is designed in a way that it will perform the best when it is serviced at regular intervals. The same principle applies to your car AC system as well. Make sure you get your car for an AC service before summers start (now is the right time!). This will ensure that the AC is working correctly and the glitches are corrected before the mercury starts rising.

These tips will ensure you have a comfortable and smooth car ride this summer.



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