Automotive News Alert April - 2018

Automotive News Alert April - 2018

Automotive News Alert April - 2018

Recalls Australia

1.) GM Holden Ltd — SAAB 9-3 and SAAB 9-5 MY 2006-2011

The series of car recalls due to faulty Takata Airbag still going on. Millions of Takata airbags have been recalled because of injury and the potential of death due to malfunctioning parts. In the same series, General Motors Australia has announced a recent recall for the 2006-2011 models of Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5 due to the faulty Takata Airbag issue.

These models are fitted with potentially faulty driver-side front air-bags that are susceptible to degradation as a result of moisture intrusion. In the event that a defective airbag inflator ruptures, metal fragments may propel out through the airbag cushion towards the vehicle occupants causing serious injury or fatality.

2.) Daimler Australia Recalled - Mercedes-Benz Actros & Arocs Trucks

Benz Australia recently recalled a small number of Actros and Arocs Trucks due to the defective welding issue in the rear axle housing

The defective weld of the rear axle housing could decrease the performance force and could eventually lead to a crack formation and breakage, increasing the risk of an accident for the occupants and other road users.

3.) FCA Australia Recalled - Jeep Wrangler 2014-16 and Chrysler 300 of 2014-15

In their recent announcement, FCA Australia recalled 2014-16 built model (JK) Jeep Wrangler and 2014-15 (LX) built model Chrysler 300 due to faulty passenger airbag inflators.

Passenger airbag inflators, as it gets older, a combination of high temperatures and humidity can cause the airbag inflator propellant to degrade. In listed vehicle under the same model year, the metal inflator housing may explode/rupture under too much internal pressure.

4.) Peugeot Australia Recalled — P4008 Model

Peugeot Australia recalled their popular model P4008 due to defect in door locking system. As per ACCC, the door locks may not be built up to the manufacturer's guidelines. The internal functionality of one or more locks may jam, preventing one or more vehicle doors from closing or result in unexpected unlocking and opening. Due to this door-locking defect, It could cause serious accident or injury while driving.

5.) Hyundai Motor Australia Recalled - Hyundai Santa Fe

One of world’s top vehicle manufacturers, Hyundai Motors recently recalled Hyundai Santa Fe due to manufacturing fault in steering wheel assembly. This manufacturing fault may cause the steering wheel assembly and column to separate.This is a very serious issue because if the steering wheel assembly and column separate while in use, a vehicle may lose steering control and meet with an accident.

6.) 2007/08 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra join Takata recall

According to the Overseas Vehicle Sales company, their 72 vehicles of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierrasome models has been recalled due to faulty Takata Airbags. The main defect is due to the combination of high temperatures and humidity that can make the airbag propellant degrade over time. Over a period of time, this can cause the metal inflator housing to explode or rupture.


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