Winter is Coming - Car Batteries Die in Winter

Batteries die in winter. Test your car battery for FREE now, at Car Servicing & You!

“Winter is coming”, We’ve fastened our seat belts, for the next season of Game of Thrones, which commenced with Jon Snow’s body lying cold and dead over the snow. Meanwhile, the malignant white walkers are raiding westeros, making it ghastly to travel across the north.

Do you know what else can go dead in winters? Car Batteries. The cold temperature disturbs the chemical activities inside the battery, which stores and supplies electricity to the vehicle’s electrical system. This makes the engine work harder and use more current than usual. A weak battery will begin to lose its ability to store current, which on further use, would give ineffective performance and go flat eventually.

Good news is, Jon Snow is NOT DEAD, he is resurrected. So too your car battery will be not be dead either if taken care of with regular check-ups. At Car Servicing and You, we are committed looking after you and your car, before winter hits this part of the world. Hence, we are offering a free battery inspection at all our stores

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