Buying a used car: How Roadworthy Certificates in Victoria can help.

Roadworthy Certificates in Victoria are legislated and required when selling a vehicle or when re-registering a used one. This basically helps in minimizing the number of badly maintained cars on the road.

In some cases, a Certificate of Roadworthiness may also be required due to a Defect Notice or a Notice of Unroadworthiness.

Here are our responses to some of the frequently asked questions concerning Roadworthy Certificates in Victoria.

Who has the right to issue these certificates?

Roadworthy Certificates in Victoria can only be provided by a VicRoads certified vehicle tester, who is operating from a designated garage or service station. All licensed vehicle testers are mandated to display a VicRoads certified sign on their building which shows their roadworthy tester license number

When is it issued?

The certificate is issued when the vehicle passes a roadworthy inspection.

How is the inspection done?

The whole of the vehicle is checked thoroughly to make sure that the key components have not worn out or deteriorated. It mainly covers the chief safety items, such as:

Also note that this test is not a measure of the mechanical reliability or general state of the vehicle. If you need a complete check on the condition of the vehicle, arrange for an independent report.

What if the vehicle doesn’t pass the test?

If any item fails to meet the test standard, the tester will issue you with a rejection report. You are then given a period of seven days to get the items repaired and submit it for second inspection. However, if the seven days elapse, then the test would be carried out all over again.

How much does a roadworthy inspection cost?

The cost of the inspection is not fixed as it generally depends on the age, model and condition of the vehicle being tested. Charges for the inspection will still be required if the vehicle does not pass the roadworthy test. The roadworthy certificate will be issued for the cost of the inspection if it passes the roadworthy test.

How long is the certificate valid?

It is valid for 30 days from the date of issuing.

Know your legal rights

All roadworthy inspections follow the standards set out by VicRoads but these standards are written in a way that requires the licensed vehicle tester to make an interpretation of the condition of your vehicle against the standards. If you have any concerns about an item that has been noted as unroadworthy, then you can take your vehicle to a VicRoads centre for a final judgement on whether repair is necessary. However, VicRoads don’t have the authority to enforce the tester to either make your vehicle good or reimburse you. You can seek expert legal advice from a solicitor; take your dispute to the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal or to the Magistrates court.



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