Car Brake Service : An Oveview!

If your car is one of your most treasured possessions and you enjoy driving then maintaining your car is of utmost importance.

The brakes are a continually wearing service item and only regular servicing and brake checks will ensure they are maintained correctly. It is very important that you get your car's brake service done at regular intervals.

All you need to know about brake servicing

Your car's brakes work on the basis of using friction in order to prevent the wheels from turning. Primarily, both of the disc and drum brakes make use of friction materials which are then applied to a drum or disc associated with the wheel. These friction materials can be either brake pads or brake shoes and are designed to wear out as part of the braking process. Owing to this, your car can stop promptly in most of the cases. However, sometimes it even gives rise to other safety problems like pulling to one side and brake pulsations which are signs of less than optimum braking performance.

How car brake service solves the problem?

Going for regular car brake service by a quality repairer can keep these problems at bayyou’re your local service centre your car brakes are checked for worn out pads and replacement is done accordingly.

When to get your car brake service done?

As brakes play a vital role in your car's safety, frequent brake inspections are necessary. Get your brakes serviced on a regular basis. You would know it is the right time for your car brake service if you spot the following signs of wearing:

Keep a track of these signs and stay updated as to when your next car brake service is due. Remember, regular brake servicing can not only increase the life of your vehicle but it will even be a saviour for you and the life of your loved ones!


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