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Car Brake Service & Repairs

Car Brake Service & Repairs

Car Brake Service & Repairs

Our fully equipped workshop in Carnegie (next to Caulfield and Malvern East), offers satisfactory car brake repairs service for cars of all makes and models. Our car brake service come with 12 months/20,000 km warranty

Modern Vehicles have impressive braking ability, especially with the aid of electronic brake distribution and stability control programs added as standard equipment to most new cars. Car Servicing and You is equipped to test and diagnose all systems that support your brakes and includes this service as part of our brake system inspections.

We are equipped to complete brake repairs for all modern vehicles including electronic handbrake set ups on found on modern vehicles. We also ensure your brake system is inspected to Victorian Roadworthy standards including moisture content in brake fluid and minimum thickness and maximum diameter for disc rotors and brake drums. We also provide fixed price quotes for all brake repairs.

Common brake symptoms to look out for:

Squealing Noise: 

Nobody likes squealing brakes. Apart from it being embarrassing to be that squealing car that pulls up at the lights, it is a sign that problems are developing. Friction surfaces in poor condition and unwanted movement of brake components can cause squealing noises.

Grinding Noise:

Grinding noises coming from your brakes can be an indication that your brake pads or shoes have run out of friction material. It can also be a sign that brake components are vibrating and rubbing against caliper brackets or that there is excessive brake dust built up in brake drums. Definitely get you brakes checked ASAP if you hear your brakes grinding.

Brake Pedal Pulsation:

This often is mistaken for a wheel balancing problem. Generally if you notice the steering wheel shuddering in your hands when you brake at higher than normal speeds it is a sign that your brake discs are warped. Pulsations can also be felt through the brake pedal as you brake at any speed. Simple machining can remedy this problem but you need to be sure that disc rotors and brake drums stay within the manufactures specifications for safe use.

Low Brake Pedal:

If the brake pedal feels spongy or is travelling further than it used to before you come to a stop, then a brake inspection is necessary. This can be an indication that you are losing brake fluid and in the worst case a brake failure may be imminent.

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