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Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head


The cylinder is the core of the car engine. Within the cylinder, a piston moves up and down to compress the gases which ignite and cause combustion. These exhaust gases are pushed out following the combustion, resulting in the rotation of crankshaft and turning of wheels. The process allows the car to move. Apart from this process, a cylinder head is located on the top of the cylinder and closes it. This is the further sealed by a head gasket, preventing the leakage of oil or coolant in the cylinder.

In circumstances of engine overheating, leaking or misfiring, car owners must consider all the warning signs as serious indicators to much needed repair. Car Servicing and You is a Melbourne based car engine repair specialist. Our expert mechanics are professionally trained to repair and service all the major and minor mechanical faults with the car engines, particularly car cylinder head repairs Melbourne. The engine repair process in our workshop involves identifying the problem, before suggesting services and component replacements.


A damaged car cylinder head can give several indications of the underlying dysfunction. The car owners should immediately consult a certified mechanic for proper diagnosis of the problem. The diagnostic checks at Car servicing & You are quick, efficient and relatively inexpensive.

  • Sweet, rubbery odor from the car, due to leaking of the coolant in the cylinders.
  • Grey smoke from the exhaust pipe, due to overheating of the cylinder.
  • Puddle of liquid under the engine, due to crack in the head gasket.

Cylinder head repairs account for more than half of the work we do in our Melbourne based workshop. Our mechanics are certified and provide the best of workmanship. To request a quote or inquire, contact on or (03) 9571 0505.

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