Differential Units

Differential Units

Differential Units

At Car Servicing and You our fully equipped workshop in Carnegie, next to Caulfield and Malvern East, provides differential repairs and replacement for all makes and models.

Like your engine and transmission, diffs utilise oil to stay lubricated and changing your diff oil regularly prevents premature wear.

Common differential problems include:

  • Whirring noise while decelerating at any or all speeds.
  • A whining noise while accelerating between certain speed ranges, e.g. between 80kmh and 90 kmh.
  • Rumbling noises as you increase speed which change while turning
  • A clunking or clanging noise every few metres.
  • When cornering a clunking noise occurs.

A differential unit (commonly known as a ‘diff unit’ or just ‘diff’) has three main functions:

  • Assist with transferring power to the wheels.
  • Provide the final drive gear ratio of your car.
  • Enable the wheels to turn at different speeds while cornering.

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