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Engine Pipe

Engine Pipe

Engine Pipe

Like each wire helps to connect the whole computer system, engine pipes provide the exit path for the exhaust gases. Engine pipes also connect all the exhaust system components, including Exhaust Manifolds, catalytic converters, and mufflers. 

At Car Servicing And You, from header pipe to tailpipe, and everything in between, we have solutions to all your exhaust pipe needs.  

The corrosion of the engine pipe affects your vehicle's performance and gas mileage. Your exhaust pipe is also connected to oxygen sensors, which control the quality air mixture information to your fuel injection systems. When these become eroded, your engine may end up consuming too much gas.  

Some common signs of Exhaust pipe failure: 

  • Engine gets louder noise
  • Fuel economy, acceleration and performance drops
  • Smell of raw gasoline from exhaust 

Car Servicing And you Is your source for fast, low-cost and quality Engine Pipe Repair!


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