Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injectors


Fuel injectors are used to regulate the flow of air and fuel into the engine cylinder.  Each cylinder in the engine uses an individual fuel injector, which is essentially a pressure valve. Modern ECU monitors the flow of air into an engine, controlling the volume of fuel needed to minimise emissions and maximise combustion. Are your fuel injectors causing problems lately? Car servicing and You provides the best fuel injector replacement and repair service in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. With our high quality services, we ensure that your vehicle offers better mileage performance, lower fuel consumption and lesser risk of failing emission tests.

WARNING SIGNS OF FUEL INJECTORS FAILURE: The replacement and repair of fuel injectors can be expensive on the pocket. Noticing the following warning signs and acting in a prompt manner would prevent conditions which can lead to poor fuel econmy, carbon buildup and power losses.

  • Engine misfiring
  • Loss of power
  • Alternating high and low engine revving
  • Lower fuel economy
  • Poor engine performance
  • Excessive smoke emissions

OUR SERVICES: According to our certified mechanics, the first line of defence against poorly functioning fuel injectors is a thorough cleaning service. The fuel injector service at Car Servicing & You also includes inspection of worn lines and other components which are affecting the proper functioning of fuel injectors. In extreme cases, we also restore the power and efficiency of the fuel system by considering fuel injector replacement. Our services includes,

  • Inspecting the injectors for any signs of fuel leakage
  • OHM Testing each injector, if accessible
  • Replacement of the injector, if faulty or damaged
  • Inspecting for fuel leakage, again
  • Test driving the car, finally

At Car Servicing & You, the technicians ensure that all the techniques and procedures achieve the desired effect. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and best fix for your vehicle. To request a quote and inquire, contact one of our stores directly.

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