Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel Pressure Regulator


The car’s fuel pressure regulator is an essential part of the fuel system, functioning to control the pressure and fuel flow. Just like all the other components, fuel pressure regulators have the tendency to wear out. If the regulator malfunctions, it can cause the engine to flood and cause myriad of other problems with the car. In extreme situations, a flooded engine can be a fire hazard. Car Servicing & You is the one stop solution for all the auto repairs, especially fuel pressure regulator service across Melbourne.

WARNING SIGNS TO LOOK FOR: A failed regulator can either lead to increase in the fuel pressure beyond normal parameters or can starve the engine with insufficient fuel pressure. In both the cases, the engine can misfire and struggle to start. We recommend to get your fuel pressure regulator checked under the following circumstances:

  • Blackened spark plugs
  • Poor engine performance
  • Black smoke from the tail pipe
  • Stalling engine
  • Dripping fuel
  • Leaking fuel in the vacuum hose


  • Inspecting the fuel pressure regulator for correct diagnosis
  • Checking for broken vacuum lines
  • Replacing fuel pressure regulator, if faulty
  • Changing the oil and filter, if contaminated
  • Test driving the vehicle to confirm proper operation

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