Fuel Pump Relay

Fuel Pump Relay

Fuel Pump Relay


Every time the ignition of your car is turned on, the fuel pump relay is activated. A fuel pump relay functions primarily to maintain a consistent voltage supply to the fuel pump. In certain cases, the fuel relay pump can oxidise or rust, showing damage and may require replacement. It is always recommended to replace the fuel pump relay when the fuel pump is replaced. The certified mechanics at Car Servicing and You specialise in fuel pump relay replacement and repair service across Melbourne. Moreover, the component has limited lifetime and our expert technicians can check it when the brakes are inspected or being replaced.

Warning Signs Of Bad Or Failing Fuel Pump Relay: The fuel pump in any vehicle is an expensive component which needs optimal amount is power to function efficiently. In cases of excessive power supply to it, there are chances of overheating in the wiring system around the pump. This could cause damaged and permanent failure of the fuel pump relay, after giving the following signs of impending faults in the system.

  • Engine cranks, won't start
  • Irregular engine functioning
  • Car slowing down without braking
  • Car comes to an halt after a short distance

Our Services:

  • Inspection and testing of the resistance across the relay.
  • Removal of the defective fuel pump relay
  • Installation of the new fuel pump relay
  • Testing the fuel pressure and clearing the codes
  • Road testing to check the efficient operation


There is no doubt about the cruciality of the failing fuel pump repair and replacement. If the fuel pump relay doesn’t work, the fuel pump won’t be activated and the engine won’t start. Additionally, any malfunction of the relay can lead to excessive power supply to the fuel pump, leading to severe damage.

We ensure to keep your fuel pump relay in perfect working order all the times. For further details and appointments, call us on 03 9571 0505.

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