Fuel Pumps

Fuel Pumps

Fuel Pumps


The fuel pump takes the fuel from the fuel tank and delivers it to the engine. The delivery of fuel by the fuel pump to the engine at the correct pressure is essential for vehicle performance and reliability. As with most other modern technologies, fuel pumps are susceptible to damage and failure. Regular maintenance and servicing are crucial to ensuring the longevity of your fuel pump. Car Servicing and You provides highly reliable services in fuel pump replacement and repair across Melbourne.

WARNING SIGNS OF FUEL PUMP FAILURE: Any damage related to the fuel pump can be identified by the following signs.

  • Car is unable to start
  • Loss of power on accelerating
  • Leaking fuel 
  • Low fuel pressure 
  • Lack of fuel flow 
  • Electrical faults, such as engine light is on
  • Excessive whining sound

OUR SERVICES: Before blaming it all on the fuel pump, the certified mechanics at Car Servicing & You ensure that the filters, fuel pump relays, fuel pick-ups and electrical connectors are in good shape. For instance, a clogged fuel filter can also restrict and cause all the above mentioned symptoms of fuel pump failure. The high industry standard services at our workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspection of fuel pump and fuel pump relay
  • Replacement of fuel pump, if faulty
  • Inspection of car for signs of fuel leakage
  • Performing engine diagnostic code checks.
  • Performing a fuel pump pressure and volume test
  • Test driving the car

The importance of fuel pump lies in the fact that the engine always needs fuel to run. If the fuel pump deteriorates, the vehicle will have a hard time running efficiently on the road. Our professionally trained mechanics provide a comprehensive list of services when it comes to your car. For details, please call one of ourstores for a free quote.

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