Great Wall Service

Great Wall Service

Great wall log book services are available with Car Servicing and You’s fixed price log book servicing. We include genuine parts if your car is still under new car warranty so that your Great Wall manufacturer’s warranty is maintained and our transparent pricing ensures you know what you will pay before we commence work. If you do not see your car here please contact us for a quote.


Great Wall V200 2011 2.0 Litre 2WD Diesel Servicing prices

Minor/Interim Service $225
15000 km Service $280
30000 km Service $551
45000 km Service $400
60000 km Service $551
50000 km Service $280


Great Wall X240 2012 2.4 Litre 4WD Servicing prices

Minor/Interim Service $225
10000 km Service $225
20000 km Service $323
30000 km Service $225
40000 km Service $796
50000 km Service $225


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