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Harmonic Balancer

Harmonic Balancer

Harmonic Balancer


A harmonic balancer is known by many other names as crankshaft damper, crank pulley damper, vibration damper or torsional damper. It is connected to the crankshaft and reduces the engine vibration and acts as a pulley for the drive belts. The harmonic balancer is composed of a mass and an energy dissipating element. The mass resists the vibration and the other element functions to absorb the vibrations. The balancer fails majorly due to excessive heat, salt deposition, ozone deterioration, general wear & tear and stress on the energy dissipating element (a rubber insert). Usually, a problem related to harmonic balancer indicates the need to replace the balancer, but the problem can also be associated with a damaged rubber insert or the bolt which holds the balancer in place. Car Servicing & You is the harmonic balancer repair & replacement specialists in Melbourne. We ensure that you are safe on the roads with a great performing harmonic balancer.

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Some auto performance enthusiasts believe in not equipping their vehicles with a harmonic balancer, but it is highly recommended to not discount the importance of this auto part. The balancer is crucial and is designed to control and absorb the strong vibrations from the crankshaft, protecting the crankshaft from premature aging. Our expert and certified mechanics follow strict protocol when handling the harmonic balancers.

  • Inspecting the harmonic balancer.
  • Removing the drive belts and balancer.
  • Inspecting the condition of crankshaft front seal.
  • Replacing the harmonic balancer.
  • Reinstalling drive belts.
  • Rechecking for proper operation.

Now, get rid of unusually loud and abnormal noises from the engine which increase with acceleration. Also, save your crankshaft from potential damage. For appointments and queries, contact us on (03) 9571 0505.

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