How often should I get my brakes checked?

Modern motor cars are incredibly efficient and reliable in comparison to cars of even just 10 years ago and longer distances between services is common for a lot of cars.

While the car has the ability to run smoothly for longer, this means that you are doing more kilometres without checking constantly wearing components like brakes and tyres. Some car mechanics claim that car brake repair is one of the most common repairs in the automobile industry and with constant stop/start city driving, brakes need to be regularly checked. The best way to do this is to service your car every 6 months but if you do skip a service, what things should you look out for to ensure your brakes are in good condition?

Common symptoms that a car brake repair is required:

Squealing noise: If your brakes are noisy and create a squealing sound on pressing the brake pedal, it shows that you need to get them 'diagnosed'. Squealing noises can be a symptom of excessive heat or vibration between brake components. It can also be a sign of poor quality brake components have been utilised. Go to a qualified mechanic and get your car checked.

Grinding noise: Car brake repair would also be needed when you hear some grinding noise whenever you apply the brakes. This sound suggests that the components could be vibrating and brushing against the caliper brackets or that you have run out of brake pad material. Even dust in brake drums would result in such noise. It needs urgent service and so rush to your mechanic in such conditions.

Vibrating brake pedal: This occurs when the brake discs get deformed. You will feel that the brake pedal vibrates in such a situation. Also, if you find any form of steering-wheel shuddering on applying brakes then ask your mechanic for car brake repair services.

Spongy brake pedal: Brake pedal becoming spongy is another indication of the need for a brake check or repair. A thorough brake inspection is needed if you find the brake pedal is not as firm as it used to be. It is a severe condition that might result in brake failure so get your brakes checked immediately.

By treating these symptoms with caution and urgency you will ensure your car is safe to drive. These symptoms are common in all makes and models of cars and booking a brake check with your local mechanic will tell you whether your car needs brake repair services or not.


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