How often should my car be serviced?

The issue of how often a car service should occur is subject to much debate.

The issue of how often a car service should occur is subject to much debate. Some people believe that it is only the number of kilometres that matter, while others suggest that annual servicing is good enough.

There is a simple answer – Service your car every six months.

Waiting for your car to reach its kilometre limit before servicing may take up to 2 years for some people and this is far too long between services.
Having your car checked every 6 months ensures that little maintenance issues like checking your spare tyre pressure and rotating tyres occurs regularly. This type of preventative maintenance helps to maximise tyre life.

Also, cars that do only short trips need their oil changed more often as engines that don’t run at optimum operating temperatures for a sustained period of time tend to produce more carbon deposits within the engine oil galleries which in turn reduces engine life. Oils and fluids in your car will deteriorate with time alone so changing and checking them regularly is important.

Like all good relationships, communicating with the same mechanic over the life of your car builds trust and ensures that the vehicle is maintained and not just serviced. Mechanics that have the opportunity to regularly service and maintain the same cars at 6 monthly intervals develop an even greater concern for a car and its owner and in turn can help with budget planning for repairs as they are coming due.

At Car Servicing and You, one of our key aims is to ensure that we help you with budget planning for your car and we will give you fixed price quotes for repairs as they are coming due and let you know what you require at your next car service so that you can plan accordingly.


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