How to Keep Car Interiors Clean.

How to Keep Car Interiors Clean.

How to Keep Car Interiors Clean.

Want to reduce the number of visits to car servicing station? Read on to know, how to keep the most complicated area of the car tidy!

Your Car is one place where your time is spent when commuting to different destinations. This everyday travel with different kinds of people, leave our cars in a scruffy condition. The resell value also diminishes  if the car is not in ship-shape condition. Then, we are left with no choice but to spend a bomb on its maintenance and washing. Although, car servicing is important, we can still make an effort and save some extra cost by keeping the car interiors tidy.

  1. 1. A clean and clutter free car gives a much more enjoyable driving experience so take into consideration the following points while cleaning your car’s interior.
  2. 2. Declare your car a no food zone. The rule could be difficult when kids are around, but you can only imagine what those tiny pieces of the food, stains of juices do to your car. The food particles drop at the most inconvenient and hidden places which are tough to clean.
  3. 3. When you are on a road trip, keep tissues and small plastic bags handy for the trash and dirty hands. Using seat covers and floor mats can add to the look of your car and also prevent the leather from cracks and tearing. Be careful to buy seat covers that are airbag compatible so that you do not inadvertently stop an airbag from deploying in an accident.
  4. 4. The weather does take a toll your car. This is why it is important to accessorise the car according to weather. The scorching heat of the sun does more harm than dust and dirt, the direct sun heats up the car which then causes vinyl to crack over time and materials to fade. This effect can be reduced to a great extent by putting up a sunshade on the windshield.
  5. 5. Clean windshields and windows regularly for clear visibility while driving.
  6. 6. Last but not least, vacuum frequently, and don’t forget to clean the roof. Use a small brush to clean the cracks and cervices. The leather cover on the seats and steering cover can be wiped with soapy water.

Like our homes, our car is also an extension of our personalities. A clean and maintained car boosts morale and gives a positive picture of our self.


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