Land Rover Service

Land Rover Service

At Car Servicing and You we can complete your Land Rover log book service and stamp your log book. With our transparent pricing, your Land Rover log book service price is known before the job is started. Using genuine Kia parts with our fixed price log book services while your car is still under new car warranty keeps your manufacturer’s warranty valid. If you do not see your car here please contact us for a quote.


Land Rover Discovery 2005 2.5 Litre TD5 Diesel Servicing prices

Minor/Interim Service $272
10000 km Service $272
20000 km Service $365
30000 km Service $272
40000 km Service $645
50000 km Service $272


Range Rover 2009 4.2 Litre Sport Servicing prices

Minor/Interim Service $291
12000 km Service $291
24000 km Service $445
36000 km Service $291
48000 km Service $445
60000 km Service $291


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