The Latest Trends in Car Safety Technology 2017

The Latest Trends in Car Safety Technology 2017

The Latest Trends in Car Safety Technology 2017

In an industry such as automotive, the technology has been growing at an unprecedented rate. The car safety trends are multiplying just as much as the vehicles on the roadway during rush hour. Having evolved tremendously over the last few decades, it is hard to imagine that there was an era of no seat belts, anti lock brakes, and airbags. Pushing the innovations in safety technology further, the innovators have upgraded vehicle safety to exciting advancements. All these technologies have made 2017 a top trend year for the industry, as well as the consumers.

WHAT IS NEW IN THE AUTOMOTIVE ARENA? Ranging from augmented reality assisting driver safety to autonomous capabilities like adaptive cruise control or self-parking - there is a lot to look forward to in car safety technologies.

Lane Departure Warning and Prevention : These blind spot warning systems use sensors to alert drivers when another car/pedestrian/bicyclist is in their blind spot or out of their field of vision. This feature has been extended to more affordable cars from the luxury cars. The system functions by sound alarms or increased brightness. 


Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) : As a fantastic measure towards collision prevention systems for drivers, AHSS are lightweight, strong, and formable. They have a tensile strength of over 1,000MPa and are more than 3x stronger than aluminum.


Front Crash Prevention and Auto Braking Features Integration : This safety feature is best for the vehicles that are moving towards the oncoming traffic at high speed. It uses lasers or cameras to gauge the distance between vehicles and respond with visual/audio/vibration alert. With the integration, the vehicles can automatically slow the car without any input from the driver.


Electronic Stability Control (ESC) : If the car suddenly goes out of control, the ESC can automatically activate, apply brakes and let the engine torque on auto-correction. This technology is based on automatic sensors which determine if the car is moving in the right direction in relation to the inputs from the steering wheel. It is the must have feature if buying a new car.


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