Lexus Service

Lexus Service

Your Lexus log book service can be completed by Car Servicing and You with a fixed price quote provided before we commence work. We can complete your Lexus log book service and stamp your log book. We will also use genuine Lexus parts with our fixed price log book services while your car is still under new car warranty so you can keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid. If you do not see your car here please contact us for a quote.


Lexus RX400H 2009 3.3 Litre V6 Servicing Prices

Minor/Interim Service $200
15000 km Service $242
30000 km Service $346
45000 km Service $364
48000 km Service $346
60000 km Service $394


Lexus LX570 2011 5.7 Litre V8 Servicing Prices

Minor/Interim Service $233
10000 km Service $233
20000 km Service $277
30000 km Service $305
40000 km Service $562
50000 km Service $233


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