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 Car Servicing and You is your trusted source for all your muffler service requirements.

Your car’s muffler reduces noise from the exhaust system and helps provide clean and efficient combustion by removing spent gases.  

There are many parts of your vehicle's exhaust system, and as there is plenty of opportunity for something to go wrong, it is vital for the exhaust system to handle the burning hot gases from an engine.  

The sound of the fuel explosion in an engine is incredibly loud on the road and it would be deafening as well. A muffler is an area where the sound of an engine bounces off on multiple tiny surfaces, as well as itself. This process cancels the excessive noise. The muffler is specifically designed to reduce the amount of noise coming from the exhaust system. 

Not having a muffler or driving with a faulty muffler is also an offence. The most common problem with mufflers are: 

  • They rust out over time.
  • They get damaged when you run over something
  • Their mounting points fail and cause rattles and vibrations under your car. 

We also offer advice regarding full exhaust system repairs, or for individual Muffler replacement needs. No matter what your muffler issue is, you can count on the experts at Car Servicing and You for fast, reliable work done right.


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