Noisy Brakes: An Indicator Your Car Brakes Are In Trouble!

Noisy brakes can be one irritating problem but at the same time, it also indicates that it’s high time for your car brake service. Based upon the nature of the noise, you can understand how urgent the car brake service is required.

What they indicate?

Some brake noises such as minor squealing may not be as detrimental to the safety of your car as grinding brakes and can be caused by dust on the brakes or the kind of materials used in making the brake pads. However it is important not to ignore squealing brakes as it can be an indicator of a more serious problem. In some cases the noise can be an indication that some of the brake components are not working properly and need to be adjusted or replaced. If you notice other problems such as the car pulling to one side under braking or the brakes shuddering when applied you must take the car for an inspection sooner.

Causes for Noisy Brakes

The two most common causes of noisy brakes are dust and the material used in making the brake pads. When dust or other pollutants get onto the brake pads, they cause the brakes to get noisy during the first few brake applications. Alternatively, if the disc surface is glazed or in poor condition, cleaning and resurfacing the brake pads may not be enough to completely resolve the problem. To make the brake pads harder wearing and more efficient a lot of brake pads are made using metallic materials. While they have great stopping ability, they can cause excessive wear to disc surfaces. Make you your disc rotors are measured to ensure they are still within manufacturers specifications and ask if they can be machined rather than replaced.

You must physically inspect the brakes for any problem if they have become very noisy. Worn out brake pads cause noisy brakes. Many of brake pads are equipped with indicator strips which whistle when the brake pads need replacement. If a break pad is worn to its wear indicators, then brake pad replacement is necessary. Some vehicle manufactures fit electronic wear sensors to their braking system. As the pad wears out it earths out the sensor onto the disc rotor causing a warning light to illuminate on the dash. A thorough brake inspection will also include an inspection of electronic components associated with the brake system as well as looking for loose or missing hardware. This includes ensuring that everything is snug and tight and that caliper slides are lubricated while inspecting the brakes for smoother and quieter operation.

Car Brake Service

Brakes are obviously pivotal to the safety of your car and motorists should always make it a point to address noisy brakes before they turn into a bigger issue. Most of the brake problems are small at the initial stages and can be fixed very easily. Get acquainted with how your car usually feels and sounds so that you can be aware of changes require a car brake service.


Don’t ignore your noisy brakes if you want your vehicle to be safe and reliable. Get the problem fixed on time and save yourself from potential future problems!


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