Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen Sensor

If your vehicle’s “Engine light” is showing a warning, it may be because the oxygen sensor is not working properly. The oxygen sensor is a device mounted in the exhaust system and is out of sight and out of mind until it becomes faulty and triggers many issues. Its job is to communicate with the ECU how much unburnt Oxygen exits the engine after combustion has occurred. This in turn helps the ECU to determine how much fuel the vehicle needs under its current operating conditions. At Car Servicing and You we can help you diagnose and repair the oxygen sensors in your vehicle. 

Symptoms of a faulty oxygen sensor include: 

  • The faulty oxygen sensor triggers the check engine light.

  • A decrease in fuel mileage, hesitation or misfiring from the engine,

  • rough idling, or even stalling.

  • A faulty oxygen sensor causes the vehicle to fail an emissions test.

Oxygen sensors can fail if they are contaminated with oil, coolant, or silicone. If this is the issue, then the source of the fluid must be solved, otherwise, it affects the new sensor as well. 

Our technician will perform a scan using a diagnostic system to find the area triggering the engine light to come on. There are many faults that can cause symptoms similar to a faulty sensor so careful diagnosis is required. Once faults such as air leaks and electrical problems are eliminated, Oxygen sensor voltages can be measured and id a faulty sensor is present our technician will remove the faulty sensor and will replace it with a new one. 

We use only high-quality parts as opposed to low-quality aftermarket replacements. To schedule an oxygen sensor testing, repair or replacement, bring your car to one of our service centres where you can let our professionals handle the rest, precisely and professionally.  

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