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Thinking about car servicing in this COVID-19 outbreak?

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To help you comply with the current social distancing restrictions, we are offering pick up and drop off service of your vehicle servicing – free of charge. We are here for you. With the current lockdown restrictions we are facing as a nation, you may be wondering what to do about your car if something goes wrong. The automotive repair and parts industry is still allowed to trade and of course must observe all social distancing rules. Our pick up and drop off service can facilitate no personal contact, all you have to do is leave your key out for us and we will do the rest. Please Note – All vehicles through our workshop at this time are thoroughly sanitized with hospital strength biocide products.

To protect you and your families, we are taking the necessary steps required to stay safe and protect everyone.

We Are:

  • Using disinfectant sprays on door handles, steering and instrument control on entering and when parking cars after service and repair.
  • Our staff wear fresh gloves when entering vehicles and are aware of hygiene practices required.
  • We are ensuring that keys are wiped with disinfectant after they are handled by our staff.
  • We are ensuring that all commonly used surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • We are performing biocide cleans of ventilation systems in cars with every cabin filter change.
  • We are asking our customers to use cards instead of cash or to make bank transfers.

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