Selecting a car battery: Things to keep in mind!

The lifetime of a car battery can be anywhere from three to six years however no one can overrule the fact that during a vehicle's life cycle car battery replacement is unavoidable.

Some car batteries expire without notice which is why it is very important to be pro-active when it comes to your car battery replacement. There are many things to consider while selecting, replacing and maintaining a battery and we have provided some tips for your consideration below:

1. Right Size and Type

When it's time for you to get a car battery replacement, always make sure that the new one you select is the right type and size for your vehicle. Always select a battery that has the right terminal configuration and height as these are important to ensure electrical wiring does not become damaged and create electrical faults including fires.

2. Durability in extreme weather condition

Car batteries are designed differently and each has a distinct set of properties. While some are capable enough of withstanding the extreme weather conditions during winters, some are best suited for warmer climates only. High temperatures give rise to plate corrosion and make the electrolyte vaporize faster. Always select a car battery that is designed for Australian conditions.

3. Car Battery Life

Make an effort to find the expected battery life of the product before buying it. Some batteries will be cheaper than others and this is usually because there are less plates or cells in the battery which in turn means a reduced cranking capacity and shorter lifespan. Always pay a bit more and go for a battery with a longer warranty period.

4. Car Maintenance

Most car batteries today are maintenance-free and you don't need to get the electrolyte filled regularly. When replacing your car battery, do check that the product you are buying doesn't require maintenance.

If you consider these tips with your next car battery replacement you will ensure that you maximise the time between car battery replacements. 



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