Short Term Registration Victoria - Now for Light Vehicles

Short Term Registration Victoria - Now for Light Vehicles

Short Term Registration Victoria - Now for Light Vehicles

Short term registration for light vehicles provides the flexibility to renew your registration for a shorter period and postpone paying the annual renewal fees at once. It is common knowledge that the VACC has been trying to introduce this system since 2008, lobbying Victorian State Governments to support the reformation. It has finally succeeded in the negotiations for introducing a more flexible registration payment system, focusing clearly on industry and community. Owners of light vehicles will have options to pay vehicle registration fees in  installments of 3, 6 or 12 months. The access to short-term registration for light vehicles will have its impact from 1 January 2018.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? The Victorian Government is said to have invested $12 million to aid the VicRoads Registration and Licensing upgrade, which would largely benefit,

  • Light vehicles under 4,500 GVM)
  • Motorbikes

HOW TO APPLY? You can Sign up for myVicRoads and select a short-term registration period. This website also provides an added advantage of sending reminders to ensure that you don't miss a renewal and suffer penalties for driving an unregistered vehicle.

HOW DOES THIS BENEFIT? The new policy initiative lets the light vehicle owners pay less money upfront in comparison to annual fees at once. However, additional $2.45 will have to be paid for each renewal.

OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS: Apart from short-term registration, the VACC is still lobbying for new/used vehicle registrations, innovations in electronic roadworthy system, national harmonisation Motor Vehicle Duty payments and other improvements in the Victorian transport sector.

Car Servicing & You supports the reformations and believes this will lead to motorists being able to manage their registration costs more effectively and reduce the amount of unregistered cars on our roads. We continue to strive for maintaining car quality standards and safe on-road experiences. Visit us today to get your car serviced!


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