Spark Plugs How Often Should They be Replaced

Spark Plugs How Often Should They be Replaced

Spark Plugs How Often Should They be Replaced

Car maintenance is all about important reminders. Underneath the car hood, there are many areas which need regular attention. Even though the mechanics would warn you about the needs of batteries, oil changes, fluid replacements, component damages and more - what deserves an equal importance are the spark plugs. These are parts of the engine which need the necessary maintenance and replacement, as and when required. Spark plugs are really important.

What makes the spark plug replacement important? Without the spark, the car won’t start. The spark plugs are directly related to the overall performance of the engine. In the automobile industry, there are 2 types of spark plugs

  • Copper tip plugs - Life expectancy of 30,000 miles
  • Platinum and Iridium tip plugs - - Life expectancy of 100,000 miles
Indications of spark plug replacements :
  • High performing spark plugs
  • Low longevity and built
  • Presence of oil leaks on pulling out the spark plugs
  • Wrong driving techniques

What are the benefits of spark plug replacement?
  • Consistent and optimal combustion
  • Better fuel economy
  • Smooth and energetic starts
  • Less harmful emissions 
To ensure the best for your spark plugs, call our certified mechanics at Car Servicing & You.



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