Steering and Suspension

Steering and Suspension

Steering and Suspension

At Car Servicing and You our fully equipped workshop in Carnegie, next to Caulfield and Malvern East, provides steering and suspension repairs and replacement for all makes and models. All our car repairs come with a minimum 12 month/20000km warranty.

The suspension system in your car is pivotal to ensuring your vehicles safety. The steering and suspension in modern cars provide a high quality ride with dynamic handling and on road stability. Through the use of Electronic Stability Control systems in modern vehicles, there is now a level of safety that is far above cars of even just 10 years ago.

Suspension systems still need the basics to operate including shock absorbers, struts, suspension bushes, tyres and springs. The steering and suspension in your car provide cornering stability, reduced braking distances and optimise your tyre’s contact with the road.

Basic functions of steering and suspension systems include:

  • Optimising the tyres contact with the road
  • Ensuring vehicle ride height is within manufacturer’s specifications
  • Dampening road undulations
  • Providing stable wheel alignment settings
  • Determining the vehicle’s direction of travel
  • Supporting the weight of the vehicle

Common signs of steering and suspension problems include:

  • Excessive tyre wear
  • Vehicle pulling excessively  to one side while driving
  • Thumping and clunking noises while going over bumps
  • Steering does not feel as direct as it used to
  • Excessive bounce while going over bumps
  • Vibrations through the car and steering wheel

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