The Safest used Cars on Our Roads

The Safest used Cars on Our Roads

The Safest used Cars on Our Roads

It is important to ensure that the vehicle you use provides uncompromised safety in the event of an emergency or accident. According to a major study, 7.5 million road accidents across Australia and New Zealand have found used cars behind the loss and injuries. Keeping the facts in consideration, motoring club and mutual organisations issue Used Car Safety Car Ratings - to promote purchasing based on safety on the road. A little research can save a life, whether your own, the occupant or someone else's.

HOW ARE THE SAFETY RATINGS CALCULATED? These ratings have been calculated after examining more than 266 used cars and data from more than 7 million police-reported crashes. These ratings follow an internationally reviewed method, keeping factors such as used car’s mass, safety features present and the structure of the car. Clearly, the safety ratings don’t determine the risk of being involved in a crash, which is directly proportional to vehicle condition, driver’s behaviour, the environment on the road and a few more factors.

Individual models are rated and can be compared to the rating of other models in small, medium, large and light car ranges.

CARS WITH SAFER PICK LABELS: The used vehicles which have found to cause lower damage to other vehicles, drivers, and entities on the roads fall under this label. They provide excellent protection to the driver and also to the occupants. Amongst the highest rated safer picks, Toyota Prius, Mazda 6, Holden Colorado, Honda CR-V and Ford Mondeo are included in the current analysis.

If you want to be more sure about the safety of used cars on the roads, visit our workshop for roadworthy certificates! Car Servicing & You also specialises in all major and minor car repairs and maintenance services.


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