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Timing belt or chain

Timing belt or chain

Timing belt or chain


The timing belt choreographs the timing of the combustion process in the engine, and replacing a damaged or broken one is an essential part of car maintenance. Timing chains are known to last longer than the timing belts, and are preferred more due to the durability.

The experts at Car Servicing & You recommend replacement of timing chain every 100, 000 miles. Addressing an important auto maintenance part and associated problems of damage, Car Servicing & You specialises in time belt replacement services in Melbourne. Timing belt or chain is important because ignoring this part in the car can lead to major and expensive damage to the engine. They are majorly replaced due to excessive vibration or when the car’s ignition timing is off.


The engine constitutes of hundreds of components moving in sync to make the car run. The timing belt or chain joins the crankshaft in the lower end of the engine to the crankshaft in the upper half. In cases where the timing belt or chain has stretched, the car may experience rattling from the engine or lack of responsiveness on acceleration. In cases of severe damage, the engine stalls while driving or doesn’t start.

At Car Servicing & You, our certified mechanics ensure that the timing belts or chains stay in great shape. Our time chain replacement services in Melbourne ensure that crankshaft, pistons and valves operate together in proper sequence. Want us to fix your timing belt or chain at the earliest? Please contact us on carnegie@carservicingandyou.com.au or (03) 9571 0505. Our auto repair services provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and quality workmanship.

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