Tips to increase the battery life of your car!

The inconvenience and frustration that comes with a dead battery is annoying. Batteries often die at the worst time and car battery replacement is often an inconvenient and unexpected bill.

While this may be a common scenario for every car owner, a little effort can help you change the picture completely and maximise the battery life of your car.

Try out the following ways to improve your car battery life and take the worry out of getting a car battery replacement. Here you go:

Cleanliness matters the most

Any machine would break down if it's not cleaned regularly and the car battery is certainly no exception here. Terminals of your car battery are prone to corrosion accumulation, which blocks the passage of current from the battery to the cables. You can clean them easily with boiling water a screwdriver and if you are still having problems, call an expert.

Driving the car regularly

Don't leave your car stationary for long as it will eventually affect the charge of your battery. In order to maintain the needed level of charge, drive your car on a regular basis or car battery replacement will come sooner than you think it should.

Go for a long drive regularly

Using your car to travel lesser distances decreases your car battery life, especially in Winter. Generally shorter trips mean starting the car more often and extra strain on the battery occurs as it may not get fully recharged between startups. Although not always possible, driving for longer distances ensures your battery gets fully recharged and helps extend your battery life. Therefore, it is advisable that you do at least one long trip every week to help maximize the time between battery replacements.

Test your car’s battery, charging and starting systems every service

Batteries do give signs that a failure is imminent if you know what to look for. Most reputable mechanics will test your battery, charging and starting system when they service your car. If your battery is noted as being in poor condition, then guaranteeing the life of your battery from that point on is hard to do. It may last a week, it may last 6 months but you will not know when it is going to die. If your mechanic recommends a replacement battery when your vehicle is in for service, taking this advice will save you from an inconvenient breakdown.

Follow these easy steps and extend the battery life of your car without having to worry about the car battery replacement.


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