Top 6 Maintenance Tips Optimal Car

Some assuring tips to follow in order to maintain your car in an A-1 state.

You’ve bought your dream car but finding it difficult or expensive to maintain it with servicing? Below are some assuring tips to follow in order to maintain your car in an A-1 state.

  1. Systematic check on tyre pressure and fuel tank weekly once
    This is because both these factors run simultaneously. If the tyre pressure is low then it adversely affects the fuel economy.
  2. Braking habits affects the overall car life
    Forcing on brakes that too at a stroke damages the car’s lifespan. Avoid loading the car with heavy burden as that hinders the brakes’ efficiency.
  3. Keep up the linear speed
    To add years to the car life, it is essential to maintain the uniform speed thereby arousing the engine.
  4. Infill the fuel tank at reliable stations
    Trust only on filtered gas-pump rather than exploit it with dirty gasoline who water down their products.
  5. Switch off all the battery consumed apparatus
    When aiming at shutting down the engine, switch off all the battery operated functions first and later the ignition. This will enhance the battery life of the car.
  6. Retain an auto-log of your car
    Keep tracks of gas-fill ups and mileage to gain a better idea of overall soundness of the car.

Follow these above tips and maintain your precious car bought from your hard-earned money.


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