Volkswagen Service

Volkswagen Service

A Volkswagen Log Book Service does not have to be completed at the dealer. Volkswagen log book services come with a free car wash and vacuum with Car Servicing and You’s fixed price Volkswagen log book services. Our Log book services for your Volkswagen do not void your new car warranty and we will stamp your log book and maintain the value of your car. Log book service prices are set and quoted before we service your Volkswagen. We can use genuine Volkswagen parts so your manufacturer’s warranty is kept valid. If you do not see your car here please contact us for a quote.


Volkswagen Golf 2009 2.0L FSI Auto Servicing Prices

15000 km Service $220
30000 km Service $356
45000 km Service $220
60000 km Service $531
75000 km Service $220
90000 km Service $356


Volkswagen Tiguan 2011 2.0L TDI Auto Servicing Prices

7500 km Service $227
15000 km Service $227
22500 km Service $227
30000 km Service $300
37500 km Service $227
45000 km Service $227


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