When does your clutch need repairs?

Clutch repairs are costly, so getting the most life possible out of your clutch makes sense. So how do you know when it is necessary to replace your clutch?

One common indicator for clutch replacement is when you let the clutch out and the car just revs and you notice a burning smell. This indicates that the clutch is going and repair is necessary.

Another common sign is that the car shudders as you release the clutch pedal or that you find it hard to select gears. You may also experience a grinding noise as you select gears.

Replacing the clutch

While replacing the clutch may be necessary, it always pays to have your car diagnosed by an experienced mechanic first. Clutch adjustment should always be checked first and sometimes clutch hydraulics may be the issue and this can be a cheaper repair than replacing the clutch kit. The car shuddering as you release the clutch pedal can also be a sign of worn engine mounts so it is vital you have your car checked thoroughly first.

Making Your Clutch Last Longer: Some Important Tips

Replacing the clutch is a costly affair so you should aim to make it last for a longer period of time. Here we have got some important tips that will help you increase the life of your clutch. Have a look: 

If you stick to these points you can help to get the most out of your clutch.


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