Automotive Industry News Update - February - 2018

Automotive Industry News Update - February - 2018

Automotive Industry News Update - February - 2018

BMW E70 X5 & E71 X6 Recalled due to faulty Airbag issue:

Recently in Korea, a fleet of Hyundai company successfully completed a self-driven journey from Seoul to Pyeongchang. Hyundai showcased world's first self-driven fuel cell electric vehicle on 4th Feb. This is the first time level 4 autonomous driving has been achieved with fuel cell electric cars. Until now, autonomous driving has been demonstrated at a limited speed on some sections of domestic roads.

FCA Australia Recalled— Jeep Wrangler 2013 & Chrysler 300, 300c

Renowned Italian-American Corporation and world’s eighth largest auto-maker recently recalled 7464 cars for replacement of Airbags in the series of Takata Airbag issue. In their recent recall, FCA includes 2013 (JK) Jeep Wrangler and 2013 (LX) Chrysler 300, 300c fitted with Beta inflators on passenger side. This is a serious default issue. In case of any accident airbag inflator rupture, metal fragments could possibly shoot out, which may cause serious injury or death.

Testing Fail of Counterfeit Brake Pads

In the recent counterfeit brake pads test failure, the FCAI has issued a warning to all vehicle owners to be careful from fake counterfeit car parts. Regarding non-genuine car parts, Mercedes-Benz seized and tested the counterfeit Brake pads in Germany, which demonstrated grave safety implications for road users.

Mercedes-Benz Passengers Cars - Recalled due to Takata Airbag Issue

In their recent public notification to their customers, Mercedes-Benz Australia has recalled around 22K cars across the "A", "B", "C", "E", "GLA", "CLA" and "GLC" model passenger cars. In this, Drive Airbag could inflate without any warning. According to the Mercedes-Benz, electrostatic discharge could trigger the airbag to fire, if the steering column is not sufficiently grounded and the steering column switch module is already damaged or faulty.

Volvo recalled precautionary almost 4000 trucks over an Airbag deflator issue.

Volvo Group Australia has precautionary recalled 3,960 Volvo trucks, that include FH13, FH16, FM13 & FM11 models, sold between 2012 and 2017. The main reason of recall is Driver’s airbag inflator. If an affected vehicle is involved in an accident and the airbag goes off, the airbag inflator may rupture. According to Volvo company,” Safety has always been a core value of Volvo Trucks, and as such, we take safety matters extremely seriously”.

Latest Technology Australia:

QLD Government join hands with iMOVE CRC to boost safety on Australian roads

Validating the effectiveness of emerging vehicle technologies is the main objective of a new research project declared by QLD’s Dept. of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), the intelligent transport systems cooperative research centre iMOVE CRC and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). This would be a largest onroad cooperative vehicle trial to enhance safety on Australian roads.


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