Automotive News Alert Mar 2019

Automotive News Alert Mar 2019

Automotive News Alert Mar 2019

1. Subaru Australia has recalled bulk vehicles due to the Stop Light defect.

Subaru Australia


Subaru Pty Ltd. has issued a critical recall notice to fix a potential fault in Stoplight of vehicles. The company has identified various Subaru Impreza MY2009-2016, XV MY2012-2015, WRX MY2009-2014, WRX STI MY2011-2014 and Forester MY2013-2015 vehicles with same fault reason.

As per the company, "The recall is due to the possibility of external contaminants potentially seeping into the Stop Light Switch housing, which may lead to a conduction failure".

In the scenario, If the Stop Light Switch fails, the brakes will continue to work; however the brake lights will not illuminate if the brake pedal is depressed. Further, in some affected variants, the vehicle may also not be able to be restarted after the ignition has been turned off.

To fix this issue, the company will contact all affected vehicles owners and asked to arrange their vehicles for free inspection and potential repair.

2. Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Ltd recalled Golf MY2018-2019.

Volkswagen Group Australia


Volkswagen Group of Australia has recently recalled 1504 Volkswagen Golf MY2018-2019 due to welding issue in rear seat bench. The welded connection of the back seat bench may not have been correctly connected.

In case of an accident situation, the head restraint of the rear seat backrest installed in the vehicle may not be fully capable, potentially increasing the risk of an injury to the occupant. To resolve this issue, all Golf MY2018-2019 owners need to contact their nearest local Volkswagen Dealer to arrange vehicle inspection and repair.

3. Mercedes-Benz Australia has recalled B and CLA class vehicles MY2018

Mercedes-Benz Australia


Mercedes-Benz Australia has recalled specific B and CLA models, over concerns about comply specification issue for the front passenger seat.

According to the company, If a child seat is installed rearward facing in the passenger seat position, it is possible that the front passenger airbag might not be switched off as intended and could be triggered in the event of an accident. This could increase the risk of injury for a child in a rearward facing child seat. A total no. of 78 vehicles are identified with the issue.

Mercedes-Benz will contact owners of the affected vehicles, and advise them to get in touch with their nearest dealership for a free fix.

4. Mercedes-Benz Australia has recalled Sprinter 906 Vans MY2018

Mercedes-Benz Australia


Mercedes-Benz Australia Pty Ltd has recalled certain Mercedes Sprinter 906, over concerns about the incorrect installation of electronic unlocking door locks for MY2018.

According to the company, electronic unlocking door locks may have been installed with an incorrect operating lever that won't allow opening any door from inside and outside from the right side of the vehicle. In case of a dangerous situation, the escape route via the right side of the car cannot be guaranteed. There could be a heightened risk of injury to occupants of the vehicle.

5. GM Holden Ltd recalled various models due to Airbag issue.

GM Holden


GM Holden Ltd has recently recalled MY2005-2009 Holden AH Astra 3-door Hatch, 5-door Hatch, Wagon, Convertible and MY2006-2009 HSV Astra VXR due to defect in Airbag inflator. Due to defective Airbag inflator, if an affected vehicle is involved in a collision triggering the airbag, the metal inflator housing may explode/rupture under too much internal pressure. Due to this, metal fragments may propel out through the airbag cushion towards the vehicle occupants causing severe injury or fatality.

6. Subaru Australia recalled Subaru Outback due to oil pipe defect.

Subaru Australia


Subaru Australia has recalled the Outback Diesel MY2018 model due to oil pipe defect. As per reports, affected vehicles have been fitted with an oil pipe with smaller interior pipe diameter compared to standard size. Due to this insufficient oil supply to the turbocharger's turbine bearing that leads prematurely wearing.

In this situation, the turbine blade may fracture or in worst case engine might be stalling or may not be able to be restarted. To resolve this issue, owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by the company to arrange free of cost inspection and repair of a turbo oil pipe.

7. Audi Australia recalled Audi A5 (F5) MY2018

Audi Australia


Due to a technical issue in the front axle, Audi Australia has recalled Audi A5 (F5) to fix the problem. As per the company, Individual bolted connections on the front axle may not have been tightened to the specified torque.

With this defect, the bolted connection may loosen over a period that leads to a direct impact on wheel control, which may lead to a severe accident to vehicle occupants and other road users.

Audi Australia has decided to inspect all vehicle free of cost and if required will replace the suspension parts of the affected car.


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