New in Automotive Technology

New in Automotive Technology

New in Automotive Technology

 Some of the latest updates from Automobile Industry about New in Technology.

Tesla is making ‘Best in the World’ AI chips for its autonomous vehicles : CEO Elon Musk broke the news at the company party. Musk didn’t provide specific details about the chip development efforts, but Jim Keller, the company’s vice president of hardware, indicated that the in-house AI chips will be produced at the fraction of the current costs.


New app to help drivers in safely transporting dangerous goods : Following the guidelines for WA drivers, the app can be downloaded at



As part of the European EU LIVE consortium, Groupe PSA designs an electrified light vehicle : This urban mobility project is funded by the European Commission under the “Horizon 2020 GV5” Research and Innovation programme. This electrified vehicle is adapted for peri-urban and urban trips, promising zero-emission in city driving.


Lithium Australia announces plans to bolster the electric car industry by signing a joint venture with a German mining explorer : The large mine site is said to provide economic contributions from tin, tungsten, and lithium.


Tesla‘s Autopilot feature gives its cars semi-autonomous capabilities : Amidst all the amazing things Tesla does, the cars can now run of auto-pilot mode. While in this mode, the Tesla vehicles can regulate the speed, park without assistance and can even change lanes. This Tesla feature is available for $US5,000.


Toyota and Panasonic to jointly develop EV batteries : The ramping up for battery development has come after the thoughts to meet the goals for green cars to meet the global sales by 2030.


Honda announces a partnership with SenseTime to power its autonomous cars of future : SenseTime is a Chinese startup and is valued at more than $1 billion in the market. The startup has agreed for a five-year joint R&D project to develop solutions that the car-maker would incorporate in enabling self-driving cars for urban use.


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