The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist For A Great Ride

The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist For A Great Ride

The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist For A Great Ride

Following a car maintenance schedule and service interval record, regular upkeep of the car maximises the performance of your vehicle.

In this process, there is a list of items which need to be checked as per the manufacturer's warranty and season. There are certain parts which need to be periodically, whereas some parts need a regular checkup.

Whether you are considering a new car or thinking about your old model, keep these ultimate car maintenance checklist handy from Car Servicing & You.


  1. 1. Tyres - Rotating tyres help to extend their service life 
  2. 2. Oil and coolant level - To avoid all the problems related to the engine
  3. 3. Air Filter - For improved fuel efficiency, decreased emissions and great life of the engine
  4. 4. Tyre Pressure and Tread Depth - For safer and fuel-efficient drive on the roads
  5. 5. Oil and filter - Vital for good engine condition
  6. 6. Brake, Headlights, Signals and Parking Lights - Very important for safety on the roads
  7. 7. Waxing the exteriors - To keep it shiny, keep the paint in good shape and reduce the chances of rusting


  1. 1. Coolant Fluid Exchange - To ensure that the radiator is contaminant free
  2. 2. Transmission Fluid - To keep all of the moving parts inside the transmission functioning efficiently
  3. 3. Transfer Case Fluid - To effectively shift power from the transmission to the axles
  4. 4. Inspection of Struts and Shocks - For efficient control during impact and rebound
  5. 5. Serpentine Belt - To power alternator, power steering pump, air conditioner compressor and other peripheral devices
  6. 6. Spark Plugs - For engine to run at optimal capacity
  7. 7. Differentials - For more power to the tyres


  1. 1. Battery performance - To check the power consumption during extreme climates
  2. 2. Coolant levels - To keep a check of anti-freeze levels in the radiator
  3. 3. Tyres - For efficient traction and handling performance while increasing braking distance
  4. 4. Windshield wipers - Replace annually

For the best results in car repair & maintenance, always consult a professional mechanic and car’s operating manual for manufacturer recommendations. For fixed price car servicing packages and log book servicing, call Car Servicing & You at (03) 9571 0505/(03) 9336 3930/03 8560 3299.



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