Automotive News Alert - June 2018

Automotive News Alert - June 2018

Automotive News Alert - June 2018

Ford Motor Australia recalled Ford Everest and Ranger due to steering control issue.


Ford Motor Company, Australia has recently recalled their Ford Everest & Ranger due to steering control issue. Ford company has identified the main problem in Ford Everest & Ford Ranger vehicle built from Mar 16, 2018, to April 11, 2018. The similar central defect in both models is steering control issue. In these affected vehicles, the intermediate steering shaft weld may not meet required specifications, which may cause the steering column to detach from the steering gear. Due to this detachment, it will increase the high risk of accident or harsh injury.

Mazda Australia identified hazard defect in Mazda BT-50, Recalling affected vehicles.


Mazda Australia has recently started to contact sure vehicle owners of Mazda BT-50, which has welding issue in the lower intermediate steering shaft. Mazda company has identified proper welding issue of the lower intermediate steering shaft. In the case of failure of lower intermediate steering shaft due to inappropriate welding, this could result in the unexpected loss of steering and cause a severe injury to vehicle occupants. In this case, company has advised to all Mazda BT-50 users to contact at 1800 034 411 and book your inspection to the nearest Mazda dealer for an investigation.

Mercedes Benz Australia has recalled "E" Class Cabriolet


Recently, Mercedes Benz Australia has notified all the Mercedes Benz dealers to contact the vehicle owners of Mercedes “E” Class Cabriolet for inspection and free of charge repair, which has front door water seal issue. Due to front door water seal issue in Heavy rain, if moisture enters in the door control unit, it may damage the functioning to power window and increase the risk of a short circuit as well as a risk of fire.

Volvo Group Australia has recalled Mack Granite, Mack Trident, Mack Titan & Mack Super-Liner Trucks.


In their recent recall notice, Volvo Group Australia has recalled the mass amount of Mack Granite, Mack Trident, Mack Titan & Mack Super-Liner Trucks due to potential rear axle yoke failure. Due to this defect, drive-shaft of a truck will disconnect that may create hazard situation for road users. For public safety concern, Volvo Group has started to contact all vehicle owner of an affected vehicle via mail to schedule an inspection and resolve the issue, if any.

Kia Motors Australia recalled My 2015-2019 YP Carnival.


In their recent recall, Kia Motors Australia has issued the recall for Kia Carnival built a year from 2015 to 2019 due to malfunction of software that controls the power sliding door of the car. The primary defect of software is that it may not detect specific obstruction. Due to this, it may not auto-reverse when an obstacle is in the door opening. In that situation, vehicle user could be injured if an errant limb or finger is obstructing the door as it closes.

Cadillac Escalade built the year 2007 to 2014 has been recalled by Overseas Vehicle Sales


Last week Overseas Vehicle Sales had issued a recall of Cadillac Escalade built year from 2007 to 2014 due to Airbag inflator issue. The issue in Cadillac Escalade has added the more numbers in the ever-growing list of the affected vehicle on the Takata Airbag recall. Here the main point is that as affected vehicle age, a combination of high temperatures and humidity can make the airbag inflator propellant degrade. With this defect, if the vehicle is involved in any collision or accident, the metal inflator housing could explode into the cabin and may put the occupant into a severe injury.

BMW Group Australia issued a recall of BMW E83 X3


There might be a possibility that a Takata airbag replaced the installed Petri airbag initially during the service history of some vehicles. As this type of Takata airbag inflator gets older, a combination of high-temperature cycling and humidity can cause the airbag inflator propellant to degrade. If an affected vehicle is involved in a collision triggering the airbag, the metal inflator housing may explode/rupture under too much internal pressure.


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