Automotive News Update Nov 2018 - Car Servicing & You, Keilor Park & Carnegie, Melbourne

Automotive News Update Nov - 2018

Automotive News Update Nov - 2018

Automotive News Update Nov - 2018


1) Ford Motor Australia recalled Ford Fiesta and Ranger:

Ford Motor Australia has recently recalled the 2010-16 Fiesta and 2011-15 Ford Ranger due to defect in pawl spring tab in the side-door latch. As per the company, in the affected vehicle pawl spring tab in a side-door latch may break. This condition will typically prevent the door from latching. Due to this defect, the door may unlatch while driving that can cause serious injury. If the door opens while the vehicle is in use, the occupant may fall out.
According to company around 42 907 fiesta vehicles and 85863 Ranger vehicles will recall for diagnosis and repair.

2) SAIC Motor Australia recalled MG Model ZS:


SAIC Motor Australia Pty Ltd has recently issued a recall notice for the 2016-18 ZS due to a potential software fault in the Stability Control System (SCS).
As per the company, due to this defect, the affected vehicle could face stability control failure and less power steering assistance. As of now, total 1823 units are identified under this recall which was available for sale from 1st Nov 2016 to 30th Nov 2018.

3) Toyota Motor recalled Toyota 86:


Australia's Toyota Motor Corporation Limited has recently announced a recall for Toyota 86 due to faulty engine valve spring. As per the company, the main reason for this recall of potential defect in engine valve spring. If the engine valve spring fractures this will result in a sudden power loss while driving, and the cars may not restart.
According to Company, approximately 5407 Toyota 86 vehicles will be recalled for inspection, repair without charging any cost.

4) Toyota Motor has recalled Toyota Corolla ZZE122:



Toyota Motor Corporation Australia has issued a recall notice for their top model Toyota Corolla ZZE122 due to defect in Airbag system and Airbag sensor assembly.
According to Toyota, the airbag system in the affected vehicles could experience electrical shorting that could damage the circuits in the Airbag Sensor Assembly(ECU). This could cause airbag warning lights to illuminate and the front airbag(s) to become deactivated, or it could create those airbag(s) to deploy inadvertently. This situation could increase the risk of injury or crash.

5) Polaris Sales Australia recalled MY2016-MY2018 Polaris Ranger:


Polaris Sales Australia has issued a recall notice for Certain My2016-2018 Polaris Ranger 1000 Diesel vehicles that may have an improperly routed parking brake cable. Due to this parking brake cable defect could make contact with the electrical harness & cause premature wear. Premature wear to the electrical harness may potentially create an electrical short, which might lead to a fire hazard.
In this situation, the company will contact affected vehicle owners that inspect and repair their vehicles without any cost.

6) Mercedes-Benz Australia recalled C300 Hybrid & C350 Hybrid Passengers Cars:


Last week, Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd issued a recall notice for 230 affected cars of Mercedes-Benz C300 Hybrid and C350 Hybrid cars due to defect in electric line in the engine compartment that may have been routed incorrectly.
Due to this defect, If an electrical line chafes on one of the reinforcement struts in the engine bay, this could result in a short circuit and possible fire, which could cause an injury. Now, the company will contact all affected car owners, which were available for sale from 30th Dec 2014 to 28th April 2017.


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