Automotive News Alert Oct 2018 - Car Servicing & You, Keilor Park & Carnegie, Melbourne

Automotive News Update Oct 2018

Automotive News Update Oct 2018

Automotive News Update Oct 2018

Automotive News Update:



1) BMW Group Australia recalled MINI F60 Countryman Wagon:

In their recent recall notice, BMW Group Australia Pty Ltd has recalled current generation MINI F60 Countryman Wagon models with the 3-cylinder petrol engine in Australia due to a defect of the high-pressure fuel pump.
As per the company, a crash protection plate for the high-pressure fuel pump was not installed in 3-cylinder petrol engines. In the first crash situation, the fuel pump could be damaged and could lead to the risk of fire.

2) Subaru Australia recalls 40000+ 2010-2014 Outback & Liberty Models:

One of the big recalls Subaru has recalled 2010-2014 manufactured Outback and Liberty models over concerns about their electric parking brakes.
As per ACCC recall notice, if the parking brake circuit board fractures a warning light will illuminate & the brake can't be applied or released. This defect will lead to a breach of ADR rules for motor vehicles. As per the company, around 19479 Liberty models & 23210 Outback are impacted with this defect and all affected vehicle owners will be contacted for a free inspection and fix the issue.

3) Mercedes-Benz Australia recalls S-Class Passenger Cars:

In the latest update of Automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz Australia has announced a recall for 45 'S-Class' passengers cars manufactured between Nov 2017 & Feb 2018. What the reason behind this recalls is an over concerns the busbars in the luggage area could pose a fire risk.
As per the company, during assembly, two nuts for mounting busbars in the prefuse box located in the vehicle's trunk may not have been installed. This could lead to several issues in the cars like it will increase resistances between the busbars could present a fire hazard, while the interruption of electrical contact of the busbars "may lead to function failures" – including the running of the engine, belt functions and digital instrument cluster..

Technology Update:

1) Australia Post rolls out a fleet of Electric Bikes:

Across the country, the owner of the largest vehicle fleet, Australia Post has started to roll out of a fleet of electric-assisted bikes and electric delivery vehicles in a bid to improve safety for their employees at the same time as reducing environmental impacts.
Australia Post had started the rollout from June 2018, when it messaged Renew Economy with insights about the 100 eDVs to begin doing mail keeps running before that month's over.
The eDVs, which can bear threefold the number of bundles as a postie's bike, required different applications to guarantee they met jurisdictional prerequisites previously being thought about roadworthy.

2) Boosting Digital Technology in Manufacturing:

Swinburne University's Factory of the Future has been assigned $2 million from the Victorian Government for developing Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Hub. This Advanced Manufacturing Industry Hub will give custom-made suggestions and training to nearby industries to enable them to utilise digital technologies, for example, AI, the Internet of Things, Industrial robotics and virtual reality to upgrade their business.


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