Automotive News Alert September

Automotive News Alert September

Automotive News Alert September

Polaris Australia recalled Ace 150 and Ranger 150 Youth Vehicles.

Polaris Sales Australia Pty Ltd has announced to recall 2017-18 Ace 150 and 2018 Ranger 150 Youth vehicles. The reason behind the recall is a defect that found in the front suspension. As per the company, the lock nuts may not have been tightened correctly on the lower ball joints of the front suspension. In this case, ball joint stud may fail and allow the control arm to separate from the ball joint, enhancing the risk of a crash.

Penske has organised inspection for Western Star Trucks Models.

Penske has recalled Western Star Trucks due to the defect of brake light pressure switch. In case of hard brake application, brake lights not illuminating and would not signal to other vehicles about the intention of a drive to slow down. This will lead to increase the risk of a major accident.

Daimler Trucks Australia Contacted FUSO Canter Euro5 Owner for Vehicle Inspection

Daimler Truck and Bus Australia company have recalled Fuso Canter Euro5 due to the defect wiring harness of the SRS electronic. In this case, if the SRS electronic control unit is severed in a collision, it may stop the airbag deployment signals from being transferred to the modules. The worst case would be that in collision airbag wouldn't deploy that may pose a higher risk to a vehicle occupant.

FCA Australia has recalled Jeep Cherokee

FCA Australia Pty Ltd has recalled Jeep Cherokee due to a manufacturing defect. As per the company, due to incorrect chrome coating on the pistons that may forms gas pockets in the brake system. Gas pockets in the brake system may result in a reduction in rear brake performance, which may lead to serious injury.

Ford Australia has recalled Ford Everest. 

Ford Australia has released a recall notice due to the low standard specification of seat cushion frame. As per company due to lack of seat cushions specifications, this may lead to noise between separated components, displacement of the seat cushion frame and irregular motion of the seat during adjustment.

Volkswagen Group Australia identified a defect in MY18 Tiguan Allspace

In their recent recall notice, Volkswagen group of Australia has mentioned that in their limited period manufactured MY18 Tiguam Allspace models contain a defective passengers airbag. As per the company, while manufacturing airbags are packed incorrectly that preventing to deploy airbags correctly during accidents. This defect directly leads to higher risk during the accident.


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