Automotive News Alert Sept 2018 - 2 - Car Servicing & You, Keilor Park & Carnegie, Melbourne

Automotive News Alert Sept 2018 - 2

Automotive News Alert Sept 2018 - 2

Automotive News Alert Sept 2018 - 2

Latest Technology Update:


1) Hyundai Tests Driverless truck with Autonomous Technology:

One of the biggest commercial vehicle manufacturers, Hyundai Motors, has completed a test drive of the driverless truck on South Korean Highways. As per Hyundai, Hyundai Xcient truck has achieved a 24.3 miles road trip in autonomous mode on a highway. The test truck has an autonomous-driving system functioning at SAE Level 3. Hyundai Xcient with a load capacity of 40 tonnes was tested independent technology that enables the vehicle to steer, accelerate and decelerate and move through traffic without human intervention.
With this success, Hyundai Motors hoping to put trucks with a higher degree of autonomous-driving technological capabilities on the road by 2020.

2) Driver-less Cars trailed on Perth Roads:

In the latest technological invention in the Automobile industry, Perth is one the three cities in the world who has trailed driverless car on Perth road successfully. The driverless car technology is state-of-the-art with each vehicle having four radars, six cameras and multi-sensor technology that enables the car to drive in various circumstances and make a decision on time. The RAC group unveiled the prototype vehicle that has been assigned to Perth which will result in 3-phase trails.
As of now, these cars have a carrying capacity of 6 people with a maximum speed of 90KM/Hour.

3) New in Car Technology - Driver Monitoring System:

The latest invention in-car technology, Driver Monitoring system has been introduced that could stop the driver from being distracted while driving. Driver Monitoring system is an innovative in-car technology that prevents the drivers from looking at their phones as well as keeps Un-distracted. In this in-car technology, there is a hidden infrared LED camera has been set-up that can detect the driver's activity and alert them while glancing at the phone or anywhere else.

4) Ford Targets Potholes to Reduce Wheel and Tyre Damage:

Ford is introducing pothole detection technology to the new Focus, to mitigate the damage caused when striking potholes. The system is available as an option, in conjunction with Ford’s Continuously Controlled Damping system. It uses sensors to detect potholes and then adjusts the suspension to limit how far the wheel can drop, energetically jumping over the hole.

5) Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance signs in-car tech deal with Google:


In the recent big alliance of Car-Tech Industry, Google will partners with Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi to install technology into their cars that will allow the vehicle occupant to use Google Maps, control music by speaking, predict breakdowns and control the system from the car's dashboard. The alliance’s next-generation infotainment system and dashboard displays will use Android and estimated the availability in the market by 2021.


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