Product Safety Recall Announcements

Product Safety Recall Announcements

Product Safety Recall Announcements

Do you think your car is one of the Australian vehicles recalled? Major automobile manufacturers like Maserati, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo have issued a recall on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website. The recalls are considering defects in power steering failures to fire hazards.

It has been observed that nearly 9000 mid-size SUV from Ford have been called back due to issues with the insulation material which has the possibility to heat up in an event of strong impact or accidents.

Mercedes-Benz has recalled the GLS, GLE and GL SUV examples sold between October 2015 and August 2016. The recall has been made in relation to a power steering defect due to a possibility of moisture intrusion in the steering control unit. This fault is said to interfere with the transmission of signal in the electric power control unit, causing power steering failure.

Maserati, the Italian luxury marque, has recalled 1347 cars from the Quattroporte, Ghibli and Levante models. There has been a potential fault with the adjustments of seat belts due to incorrect layout in seat wiring harness. The improper layout is causing the seat belt harness to rub against metal points on the seat frame assembly and the seat.

Volvo, the renowned Swedish manufacturer has recalled the models from 2016 to 2017 over an air conditioning drainage hose fault. The fault results in water condensation ending up in the occupant’s compartment. This is a severe issue which can lead to a loss of function in electrical systems, posing a serious risk to the occupants.

In all the recall cases, it has been specified that the manufacturers will contact all the concerned vehicle owners, and let them arrange an inspection & repair at the preferred dealer. For more details on the recalls, you can also visit the ACCC product safety website.


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