Identify the Common Car Fluid Leaks

Identify the Common Car Fluid Leaks

Identify the Common Car Fluid Leaks

Have you ever exclaimed, ‘What’s leaking from my car!’ and rushed to the mechanic in confusion? It has happened to all of us.

There is a puddle of fluid under the car when you walk to it and you just panic and think that your car might just blow up. Actually, car fluid leaks are very common - indicating a serious problem or sometimes just harmless.

There are a lot of factors to consider to identify car leaks - colour, location and consistency. The most common leaks observed from the cars are as follows:
Coolant (Antifreeze) - It regulates the temperature in the engine and causes car overheating in case of failure. This is the most common leak in the car and can cause a car die in the middle of the road. Moreover, the coolant is extremely toxic for pets. It's always a good idea to flush your radiator every year to avoid any chance of coolant leaks.
Gasoline - This affects the fuel economy and can also lead to a potentially dangerous explosion or fire.
Oil - Cars with high mileage have oil leaks frequently. To avoid this, always get the oil checked regularly through an experienced mechanic. 
Brake Fluid - The brake system of the car functions on hydraulic pressure systems. Brake fluid is highly crucial in maintaining the required pressure. These leaks can also lead to brake failure in rare cases. 
Automatic Transmission Fluid - It serves as a lubricant and coolant in car’s transmission, making the car shift gears as smoothly as possible. During leaks, there is a high tendency for the transmission to be grinded or burnt to destruction. Moreover, transmission replacements are very expensive. 
Power Steering Fluid - Power steering makes turning your car easy. Without the fluid, it might take a lot of muscle to make a car turn. As the power steering fluids work on hydraulic pressure, drop in the power steering fluid means more labour required to turn the car. 
Windshield Washer Solvent - Over an extended period of time, intensive heat can cause the reservoir to crack up and cause a leak till the washer reservoir is empty. 
Water - The most common cause of water leaking is the condensation fluid from the air conditioning system, followed by other reasons like a hole in the radiator, damaged head gasket or a hole in the water jacket.


At Car Servicing & You, our mechanics specialise in diagnosing and repairing all the car fluid leaks. We ensure that your car causes no inconvenience due to unusual leaks and stays in great condition on the roads. For free quotes and assistance, call us on (03) 95710505 or for car services, maintenance and repairs.



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